"Chase perfection to catch excellence" Coach Lombardi


Brian (Baher) Amouzegar, Principal Consultant


Brian has over 25 years of diverse experience in cross-functional leadership and industrial projects.  His industry exposure includes sectors such as


● Automotive    ● Aviation   ● Railway     ● Engineering
● Metalworking  ● Pulp & Paper ● Woodworking   ● Construction
● Layout   ● Flow mprovement ● Maintenance ● Building materials


Brian provides carefully tailored blends of consultingtraining and transitional coaching services.  He strongly believes that a balanced mix of these three elements is essential to building sustainable capabilities into any business operation aspiring to achieve optimal value stream alignment, increasing customer delight, lasting competitive edge and continues bottom line improvement. These all lead to a state of "business excellence".




● Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering

● Senior member of the American Society for Quality

● ASQ Certified Six-sigma Black Belt

● ASQ Certified Quality Engineer

● Member of the Project Management Institute

● Project Management Professional (PMP) designation

● Currently pursuing PhD studies in Applied Management & Decision Science - Engineering      Management


Teaching is a rewarding experience to Brian.  As such, he consistently assigns a portion of his time to presenting courses directly related to his field of consulting.  Some of the topics taught currently and in recent years:


● Facility Planning and Design BC Institute of Technology
● Quantitative Methods for Business   BC Institute of Technology
● Operations Management for MBA   New York Institute of Technology
● Quality Management & Productivity  University of Phoenix
● Resource Optimization for MBA  University of Phoenix
● Innovation, Design and Creativity University of Phoenix
● Operations Management and Project Management City University of Seattle
● Production Management     Sprott-Shaw Degree College
● International Project Management  Capilano College
● Sustainable Quality Beyond ISO9000  Princeton College - CSU Master of PM Program
● The Theory of Constraints for Continuous Improvement Princeton College - CSU Master of PM Program


Prior to founding PLANTEK, Brian held several senior executive positions with a German group of companies operating worldwide.  His international project experience covers a broad range of industries, scope of deliverables and contractual models.  Brian has worked closely and productively with clients, suppliers and associates from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East on several project and regional assignments. 


Community Service:


● Founding member and past president of the Society of Internationally Trained Engineers of BC     (SITE BC)

● Contributor to ASQ's Community Good Work program for non-profit organizations

● Volunteer Advisor for the Aboriginal Services of the Canadian Executive Services   Organization     (CESO)