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Managing Small Projects - Training Workshop





This is an updated -and improved- edition of the "Managing Internal Projects" workshop which Brian has presented, for the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME), multiple times across BC.  Enhanced features include an introduction to Lean-Six sigma

and Kaizen for progressive companies embarking on continuous improvement



As we move away from the mass production era, "flexibility" becomes the magic word in any self-adjusting operation. 

Flexibility necessitates the ability to "change" constantly and

rapidly by way of re-aligning  the business processes with the updated  value definition, as perceived by the customer.  Projects are the means of making these changes  happen, thus increasing customer delight.


Today's healthy organizations constantly bread new ideas

and creative solutions which must be examined, funneled through

and eventually processed into actionable projects. These

project consume precious resources and merit professional attention.


Looking closer, there are always many small-to-midsized projects floating around us which have either been engaging resources

for quite some time or are undergoing endless development. We often

neglect the need of identifying

and controlling these projects properly. 


Modern organizations can benefit enormously from acquiring project management capacity.  Such capability makes tangible improvement

in achieving goals, outcomes

and deliverables in a much more objective and decisive way.


This training workshop is

designed to provide the participants with the working knowledge they need to take

a small-to-midsized project, from its inception to a happy closure.  The workshop is rich on steps, tools, techniques, templates and best-practice tips. We will not overburden the participants with theories and abstract material which may be of little relevance

to managing small projects.  References will be offered to

those interested to learn more.




























MSP is a high-impact workshop of

one day, also known as

Project Management Light

because everything covered here is readily applicable to large projects too.


The workshop streamlines the approach, organize thoughts and

offers the management techniques needed to turn a good idea into a job well done!


Highly recommended to those who engage in creating value through:

Custom design-build contracts,

Design & delivery of services,

Continuous improvement,

Facility upgrades and expansion,

Layout design and modification,

Building new processes,

Product or service development,

Strategic plan deployment, and

Missions or Special Assignments.




I attended a CME one-day

Project Management Workshop facilitated by Plantek.  I found Brian's knowledge and  presentation of the subject matter to be thorough, clear, and well grounded in real-world experience. Based on this workshop,

I would not hesitate to recommend Brian and Plantek for project management training.

Raphael Hamm

Lead Mechanical Designer

Pacific Rim Engineered Products

Surrey - British Columbia


Recently we found Brian's course has been a great help in improving our

store sales process (BLENZ Coffee).  There are a lot of details in transferring our stores between owners during a sale and Brian's training has been invaluable in improving our internal processes.  Brian is a pro and I have

no problem recommending him to the network.....Great Job!

George Moen


BLENZ, The Canadian Coffee Company

Vancouver - British Columbia


Great information!  I'll use this binder

as reference material for years

to come.

Aimee Byrne

Project Manager

Gatekeeper Systems Inc.

Abbotsford - British Columbia


Enlightening course!  Enjoyed

the many real-life examples used

for illustration.

John Allner

Mechanical Engineer

OMNEX Control Systems

Port Coquitlam - British Columbia


Very practical information.

Sam Melvin

Senior Engineer


Nanaimo - British Columbia


A competent and clear speaker.

Paul Ritter

Senior Design Engineer

Canadian Process Technologies

Delta - British Columbia


















Workshop Outline


Setting the Stage

    ♦Knowing the keywords

    ♦The PM framework at a glance

    ♦The evolving life span of a project

    ♦What makes a good project manager


Project Initiation

    ♦The stakeholders

    ♦Scoping out a project and its goals

    ♦The place and use of a project charter

    ♦The management nod to go ahead


Project Planning

     ♦Step-by-step planning

     ♦Work Breakdown Structure






     ♦The good-to-go approval


Project Execution

     ♦Leadership and managerial qualities

     ♦Team building

     ♦Kick-off and review meetings

     ♦Team evolution and dynamics

     ♦Project conflicts and resolving        methods


Project Control

     ♦What to monitor

     ♦Be prepared for change


Project Closing

     ♦The neat shutdown

     ♦The final report

     ♦Lessons learned


Intro to Lean Six-sigma

     ♦The basics of Lean

     ♦The basics of Six-sigma

     ♦The Lean Six-sigma hybrid

     ♦What is Kaizen and how does it        work 


♦ Handout binder, including slides,    templates and forms will be provided


♦ Certificate of Attendance will be issues    to each participant