The art and science of doing more and more with less and less


Operational Efficiency


Efficiency empowers businesses. It drives up profitability and provides a whole host of options for more productive allocation of the liberated resources.


With the bottom line becoming healthier, vertical or horizontal expansion dreams, ideas and plans become achievable. 


The options for redeployment of the freed up resources are enormous.  Produce more, sell more, develop new products and add to the mix, develop leaner processes, reduce prices, campaign for expanding market share, and the list goes on and on and on.



Our clients either contact us to address a specifically defined operational issue in their organization or call us us in to holistic

a global look at the cash-to-cash span of processes and

recommend ways to improvement.


Our affordable operational assessment package is gaining

more and more popularity, among several sectors of industry, including manufacturing, services and distribution clients, only

to name a few.


Typically, operational efficiency projects result in both dramatic and incremental improvements in the value streams.


Here are some of the system-level methodologies and process-level offerings available from us.  


● Lean transformation methodology

● Value stream management

● Layout design and optimization

● Flow analysis and layout improvement

● Line balancing

● Cellular flow design

● 5S workplace organization

● Process mapping and analysis

● Benchmarking

● Bottleneck identification and removal

● Time and motion studies and analysis

● Design and deployment of Pull-kanban systems

● Conducting problem resolution events - kaizen

● Inventory and procurement policy review and optimization

● Storage space planning and optimization

● Mathematical decision modeling and quantitative analysis

● Application of DMIAC Six-sigma methodology for improvement