Sound project management gets us there on time, on schedule and on specs


Project Management


The number of projects an average organization deals with increase, as we continue to move away from the mass production era.  Shorter product life cycles and customer demand for variety, mean more projects. The constant changes in product design lead to process alteration projects.  The acquisition, deployment and/or sales of capital assets happen through projects.


We are coming across more organizations who are finding it essential to acquire an appropriate level of project management capability in order to implement their strategies and ideas in a more effective way.


The project management body of knowledge is vast.  Below are a few pointers to represent some of the areas identified through working with Clients:    


● The Kaikaku and Kaizen approaches to Value Stream improvements

● Project initiation processes such as Charter and Scope Statement development

● Project planning processes such as Work Breakdown Structure

● Project execution processes such as Team Development and Quality Assurance of deliverables

● Project monitoring and control processes such as Contract Administration and Risk Control

● Project closing processes such as Contract Closeout and capturing Lessons Learned

● Managing small-internal projects

● Building the right level of project management capacity

● International project management

● Feasibility studies for capital investment

● Project prioritization and selection process

● Transforming into a matrix organization

● Critical path method, development and compression

● Team building