"Quality is free" Philip Crosby"


Quality Engineering


Quality is indeed free once the price of non-conformance is accurately taken into account. 


We work with you to identify critical characteristics of the products and services, then device appropriate quality assurance and control methods and build them into the processes. 


To do things right, the first time, the processes must be smart.  Mistake-proofing techniques should be built into the processes at specific points and locations



● Policy-driven metric development for continues improvement

● Statistical process control, monitoring and analysis

● Systematic waste reduction

● Reduction and control of process variations

● Stability and capability analysis and planning

● Design and deployment of sampling plans

● QFD for product design and development 

● Correlation and variance analysis

● Cause-effect analysis

● Mistake proofing techniques

● Control of key quality characteristics

● Process standardization which also promotes updating and/or the establishment of QMS/ISO      9000