The size of a business doesn't matter. The people behind it do


Who we are


PLANTEK, as a Canadian consulting firm, was founded in 1999, by Brian Amouzegar. Its base of operation is Vancouver, British Columbia.


Mission Statement


To be a Just-In-Time resource, available to our clients, to improve on their operational capabilities, so that they could set measurable goals and take decisive strides toward achieving global competitiveness and world-class business excellence.




PLANTEK builds on several years of international project experience, which covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. We have a strong cadre of Associates who are capable of interfacing with virtually any part of the world, including Latin America and Africa.


The methods, tools and techniques which we apply are equally applicable to manufacturing, distribution, construction, engineering, logistics and the service industry at large.




PLANTEK practices what it preaches and runs a "lean" operation. However, we have the ability to assemble Project teams, from multiple disciplines and areas of expertise, quickly and effectively. This allows us to be agile in shaping up our deliverables with maximum alignment to the Clients' specific needs, and on a project- by-projects basis.


Modes of Delivery


Our engagement takes an optimal combination of the following delivery methods, taking into consideration aspects such as Client's available resources, highest impact, effectiveness and sustainability of the outcomes:


Training:  To equip your people with the updated skills they need to improve the bottom line by      increased efficiencies.


Coaching:  To facilitate adopting new methods and directing mission-specific teams to achieve      pre- determined objectives.


Consulting:  To assist your organization to address and resolve a specific problem area, or      carry out an objective assessment of potential improvement opportunities to elevate the      global level of your business operations.


Special assignments: This is when we get engaged and act as the Client's agent for change.       Alternatively, we will function as an on-demand Continuous Improvement Agent and work closely      with management and personnel to identify and implement improvement opportunities with the      highest bottom-line impact.