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Operational Efficiency - Quality Engineering - Project Management


Every project is unique and merits focused analysis.  We tailor an optimum approach, by working closely with our clients, and having three crucial objectives in mind:


Short term:  Improve bottom line performance as dramatically and as quickly as possible

Mid term: Jump start a momentum for gradual transformation into a stronger competitive position

Long term: Create the required in-house capabilities to support a sustained transformation     momentum


Our project-specific approach usually comprises a balanced combination of


(a) system-level methodologies, such as Lean-VSM, and

(b) powerful process-level techniques that are hand-picked from a wealth of other tools available in our portfolio.  


From a technical perspective, our "toolbox" is grouped into the following categories, almost arbitrarily:


Operational Efficiency: This is the largest and probably the most frequently used compartment of the toolbox.  It contains such powerful instruments as Lean, 5S, Value Stream Management, Cellular Flow and the Six-sigma improvement  methodology.


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Quality Engineering:  This is where our hands get a little dirtier, especially when we set out  to fix a specific quality issue and/or monitor process performance over time.  Metrics representing the goals are carefully established and used.  We also help put together important building blocks toward QMS/ISO 9000 and build on them too. 


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Project Management: Here, we have another set of tools which help us to get things done.  In this compartment you find all the tools you may need in initiating, planning, execution, control and closing of the projects.  We found project charter creation and WBS to be the popular ones, but much more are included.


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