The ultimate reward for the work we do


In August, Brian led a half-day brain storming workshop in order to present the result of his analysis and facilitate the creation of a corrective action plan. Participants in the workshop included a management respersentative and members from the concerned departments. This exercise resulted in the creation of a four-item action plan aimed at improving the ... control process. Upon implementation of the action plan, Brian designed and developed a sampling plan manual, so that we are able to satisfy measure, monitor and control the impact of the implemented corrective measure. Instead of conducting rounds of costly 100%... counts, we will now execute the sampling plan to draw conclusions on the well being of our... process.


William J. Alder


Sealand Aviation Inc.,

Campbell River - BC - Canada




…I became familiar with Mr. Amouzegar's strong business and management skills and his broad knowledge of the industry.

I consider (Brian) to be a person of high integrity and broad experience who can provide valuable contribution to a wide range of professional organizations.

Hovic Yekyazarian
Project Manager, Bechtel China Inc.
Shanghai – China


I attended a CME one-day Project Management Workshop facilitated by Plantek. I found Brian's knowledge of and presentation of the subject matter to be through, clear, and well grounded in real-world experience. Based on this workshop, I would not hesitate to recommend Brian and Plantek for project management training.


Raphael Hamm
Lead Mechanical Designer,
Pacific Rim Engineered Products
Surrey – BC – Canada


During his various assignments, (Brian) worked successfully with persons from different nations and cultures e.g Western Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.


Hans J. Delventhal
Managing Director,
The Komrowski Group,
Hamburg – Germany




Over the years, Mr. Amouzegar has demonstrated excellent technical and managerial abilities in dealing with complex industrial projects in different markets. I had known (him) as a hard working person of high integrity who can be recommended for a variety of professional challenges.

Ernst. P. Komrowski
Chairman, The komrowski Group,
Hamburg – Germany





























Recently we found Brian's course has been a great help in improving our store sales process (Blenz Coffee).  There are a lot of details in transferring our stores between owners during a sale and Brian's training has been invaluable in improving our internal processes. Brian is a pro and I have no problem recommending

him to the network … Great Job!

George Moen
BLENZ, The Canadian Coffee Company
Vancouver – BC – Canada




You would be pleased to know that I applied some of the skills and techniques from the facility layout and design course when I worked with a group to redesign one of our warehouse facilities in Richmond. The engineers and upper management were pleased with the effort and overall I believe that we have come up with a creative layout which addressed flow and warehousing needs. The project has been approved and we are set to complete the project in September after our summer busy season.


A BCIT Student,
Burnaby - BC – Canada


The Crew was really excited by the 5S Project. Bill is implementing it, and has given control of it to Jim. Not only will it make the company a better place to work, it satisfies the requirements of an internal audit finding about the untidiness and

dis-organization of the shops.
Thanks for all your assistance.

Nancy Marshall
Sealand Aviation Inc.

Campbell River - BC - Canada


ISM was very fortunate to have the BDC group assist ISM in developing a higher level of communication and work procedures for all departments to flow. Brian Amouzegar worked closely with key individuals to discover how ISM was doing business and then recommending new ideas and putting them into motion to accomplish new goals for ISM. Brian was very instrumental in developing our Project Review Board as well as initiating job descriptions to define the functions of each employee. ISM is maintaining these goals that were introduced by Brian and continue to look for new and better ways to keep on top of our game being leaders in our industry.


Mario Scarpino         Perry Makiinen
Industrial Steel & Manufacturing Inc.,
Delta – BC – Canada









We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your efforts in securing the two very substantial contracts from. It is one of the biggest single contracts we have been able to secure during the existence of P & T.

Dr. Kurt Eichinger
Managing Director, Plasser & Theurer GmbH
Vienna – Austria



Brian helped us consolidate the in-house knowledge about the Boiler assembly process and provided practical recommendations for an incremental increase of our throughput capacity.

Bruce Macgowan
President, IBC Technologies Inc.,
Vancouver – BC – Canada