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We offer high-impact training workshop that are built around your specific needs and facilitated on the schedule of your convenience. Click to Email Plantek for info session schedules and other inquiries.


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Managing Small Projects: Making things happen!

Why - Visions, strategic goals, operational improvement initiatives should be realized in the most efficient and effective ways. The people assigned to carry out such projects need to be equipped with the skills needed to get the job done on time, on budget and deliver the right quality.

Who - Ideal for middle managers and anyone assigned to lead internal or external projects of approximately $200,000 of value or less. A more advanced version of this training workshop is also available on request.

What - The content of this workshop covers practical processes, methods, tools and techniques that guide the project manager from initiation to completion of the assigned project.

How long - This is a one-day workshop

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The Basics of Lean Systems

Why - To find out about what "Lean" is and whether it is something to consider pursuing for your organization.

Who - Useful for senior-middle management. A modified version of the workshop is also available project site crews and shopfloor personnel for providing actionable awareness and improvement training.

What - This workshop introduces the underlying concepts of lean as a competitive strategy. Participants will learn how to identify and remove waste from production and support processes. They will appreciate how waste elimination streamlines value creating processes, leading to greater agility, flexibility, customer satisfaction and competitive profitability.

How long - This is a 4-hour or 8-hour workshop, depending on intensity and covered scope.

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Operationalizing Lean for Organizational Leaders

Why - To transform into a "Lean" organization, gain sustainable competitive advantage and continuously improve profitability.

Who - Organizational leaders who have decided to introduce "Lean" into their organization, and are seeking systemic appreciation of "Lean" as well as the best deployment strategies.

What - This workshop begins with introducing the philosophy of "Lean", its supporting organizational culture, the relationship with mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and reward system. Following the coverage of such foundational concepts, an introduction into common elements of a "Lean" system is provided, as well as deployment strategies and some of the pitfalls to watch for during implementation.

How long - This is a 4-day workshop.

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Lean for Short Runs and Custom Production

Why - To reap the benefits of Lean in high-variety-low-volume (HVLV) settings. A gross misunderstanding about Lean Systems is that they work fine for Toyota and other mass producing organizations, but not necessarily in other forms of business environments. Learn how to gain competitive edge if you are a custom producer or deliver products in short runs.

Who - A must-take for senior and middle management of every non-mass-producing organization aspiring to sharpen their competitive edge and achieve operational excellence.

What - This workshop provides modified concepts and methodologies of Lean, which apply to job shops, short run producers of HVLV goods and services as well as custom-making operations. It builds on our Operationalizing Lean workshop.

How long - This is an 8-hour workshop, including a refresher on the basics of lean systems.

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Road-mapping Entrepreneurial Dreams

Why - To realize the vision of launching a new business enterprise.

Who - Ideal for anyone who aspires to set up a new business activity as an entrepreneur.

What - The content of this workshop is highly practical. The workshop is designed to facilitate guiding the participants into building the core components of a new business, one step at a time. Topics include goal setting, and strategizing to achieve initial goals. The audience will obtain practical advice on how to put the necessary business elements in place to end up with an up-and-running enterprise that is aligned with their vision and expanded capabilities.

How long - This is a 3-day workshop.

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Mobilizing Creative Power

Why - To enhance problem-solving capabilities that are considered the main drivers of continuous improvement. The workshop is built on the premise that creativity may be acquired through training. This means humans are not born as creative or dumb individuals. Rather, they learn to become creative problem-solvers and innovators through training and motivation.

Who - Engineers, technologists and managers who engage in solving challenging problems and/or leading continuous improvement initiatives.

What - This workshop equips the participants with the knowledge required to systemize problem-solving processes. What are the drivers and inhibitors of creativity? How can creative intelligence be enhanced? The content includes practical lessons and activities using TRIZ, the theory of inventive problem-solving, as well as TRIZ' effective toolboxes that inspire problem-solvers to find feasible answers.

How long - This is a 2-day workshop.

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MS Project: Beginner-to-Intermediate Level

Why - To plan schedule, resources, budget, as well as to track progress, and report status of projects, effectively.

Who - Project managers, coordinators and those who engage in scheduling small-to-medium size projects.  Participants with prior training in project management will benefit most although brief refresher pieces have been incorporated in the content.

What - The participants will become familiar with the way MS Project can assist in project managers in crafting effective plans which can accommodate a great deal of customization and flexibility.  The participants will have the chance to gain hands-on experience by practicing the use of several interesting and crucial features of MS Project, for various purposes, such as resource allocation, progress tracking, customized reporting, and budget-schedule performance analysis.

How long - This is a 2-day workshop.

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Value Stream Mapping Event

Why - To introduce one of the most powerful Lean techniques through a pilot project that gives your people the opportunity to learn by doing. Outcome: a lean and more efficient value-adding process.

Who - A cross-functional team of 6-8 people who represent the operational processes that participate in the value stream being examined for improvement. We will assist in the team selection process.

What - The participants will receive the necessary orientation to prepare them for participating in the event. Our facilitator will guide the team through the steps required to take stock of the current state of the chosen pilot process, through measurements and focused observations. Once the current state is mapped, the group will be able to see clearly the pockets of "waste" as defined by "Lean", as well as other signs of defficiency. The team will then map out a future state for the process, identify and prioritize the small-medium size projects that are needed to bridge the gap

How long - This is a 4-5 day workshop.

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5S Workspace Optimization Event

Why - To enhance workflow, safety and staff morale by reorganizing the physical space. This is a pilot event which is meant to visually demonstrate the effect of 5S on efficiencies and wellbeing of workspace occupants. The event has proven to be an effective step into introducing a sustainable culture of maintaining efficient and safe workplaces throughout the organization

Who - A group of people who work in a common area.

What - Our facilitator will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the staff on the floor and walk them through the 5S steps. The content includes an orientation piece at the front-end of the event.

How long - This is a 1-2 day workshop, depending on the size of the pilot area chosen.

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